Why is it better to join a members’ golf club, rather than a proprietary club or simply pay and play?

Marlborough Golf Club is run by its members for the benefit of its members and their needs come first.  We are non-profit making with any surplus reinvested for the benefit of the Club.

Will I have a problem getting games at short-notice or without pre-booking?

Marlborough is unusual in the area in not having starting times (except for a few major competitions). This means you can simply turn-up, with or without pre-arranged partners and be almost certain of a game.

How often will I have to put up with temporary greens and mats?

The chalk of the Marlborough Downs drains superbly which means we are able to stay open when others around us are waterlogged.

I’m new to the area and don’t really know anyone to play with.

We pride ourselves on being an extremely warm and friendly club. We have an innovative committee in "Club Life" which focuses on aspects to incllude the new members journey, integration, social scene, and every aspect of helping new members find golfing buddies to play with. You will soon get to know people.  

I’ve never played before but would like to. How can I go about starting the game?

Contact us to learn about our beginners’ packages – memberships and lessons at a discounted price.

Are ladies welcome? And juniors too?

We encourage both and currently have over 80 lady and over 30 junior members. Whilst we are all equal members of one club our ladies and juniors run their own thriving sections.

Can I pay my fees by monthly instalments?

Yes, we can arrange to take your fees by monthly direct debit.  Speak to us for more details.

How soon could I become a member?

You could become a member within a few days. 

Are corporate memberships available too?

Yes. Please see the Corporate Membership page on this website or contact us so that we can tailor a package to meet your requirements.
If you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Club Administrator on
T: 01672 512147 or Contact Us