What does membership at Marlborough offer

Everything you would expect from one of the country’s leading golf clubs. 
  • A strong heritage of members enjoying years of golfing pleasure and welcoming visitors to share in their good fortune on the course, the practice areas and the great clubhouse facilities. 
  • A challenging course for the low handicapper with both the parkland and heathland layouts while at the same time allowing golfers of all levels to enjoy the experience. Additional features like the Short course for beginners makes sure all can play to their level.
  • Plenty of action for those who want member competitions. And throughout the year, there are home and away matches across the south west for those who enjoy the extra enjoyment and the lasting friendships built as a result.
  • Sections within the club from Juniors to Seniors that just make their golfing home even better for those of similar ages or standards.
  • A professional team there for us all - from the pro shop to the coaching support at all levels
  •  And more than golf - a welcoming clubhouse and the team in the bars and the restaurant who are committed to quality service - from the post game drink to the dining experience at all levels. 
  • Social events have a reputation for excellence with enthusiastic member engagement and the house team ensuring memorable fun evenings together
  • A leadership and management team with vision and the experience to maintain the best of what has gone before while planning and delivering a future to be proud of.
We offer Full 7 day memberships and 5 day memberships.  The costs of other membership categories vary - with cheaper rates for members under 35 yrs.  For full details please download the application form.  If you join after April, the fees are reduced by the pro-rata amount.
Membership Category Fees
7-Day £1175
5-Day £1015
35 Years Old £1065
34 Years Old
33 Years Old
32 Years Old
31 Years Old
30 Years Old
29 Years Old
28 Years Old
27 Years Old
26 Years Old
25 Years Old
24 Years Old
23 Years Old
22 Years Old
21 Years Old
20 Years Old
19 Years Old
18 Years Old
16 - 17 Years Old
13 - 15 Years Old £150
Under 12's
Academy Year 1
Academy Year 2
Members Benefits:

Members Club run for the members, by the members
Top quality members course
Friendly club atmosphere
First class bar & catering
Members discount on food and beverage
Free golf at 22 other clubs
Heavily discounted golf at other Wiltshire clubs
Discounted golf at hundreds of clubs nationwide
Discounted golf for members’ guests
Full programme of competition golf
Full practice facilities
Teaching Professional
Buggies available for hire
Full programme of social activities
Tennis Club on site
Physio and Sports Masseuse on site

We pride ourselves on the care we take to help new members settle in at Marlborough Golf Club.
Marlborough Golf Club is a private members' club run first and foremost for the benefit and enjoyment of its membership. As well as membership of a great club we are finding ways of bringing other benefits to our members.
The Club has a reciprocal deal, currently, with 22 other golf clubs where you can play for FREE subject to a £10 admin fee and certain restrictions.  In addition you will enjoy massively discounted golf at some other Wiltshire courses and half price golf at hundreds of courses across the country.  Our members also benefit from discounts offered by local businesses.
Payments can be made annually by Direct Debit with no extra surcharge. Golf Uniion fee is £18.50 and is paylable on application.

Contact the office on 01672 512147 for further information about our Club or email us at contactus@marlboroughgolfclub.co.uk 

Look out for our annual Academy Golf- GET INTO GOLF offers - Everyone is welcome. Come and learn with us. Tell Your Friends.  If you are interested sign up now.  These sessions usually run from early summer.