Golf Course Dress Code

Golf is steeped in tradition. For many decades golf has been seen as an elitest, exclusive and even stuffy sport with too many rules and a strict unwavering dress code.
At Marlborough we are extremely proud of our heritage but are equally proud of our modern approach. We have embrased the need for a more relaxed aproach to dress code in order for our sport to continue to thrive and become welcoming to everyone. However, etiquette and social respect both on and off the golf course remains an important element of our culture.

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Practice Facilities

We adopt a relaxed dress code in the same way as we have on the golf course. Learning and practicing golf should be fun. We recommend participants wear clothing appropriate to the sport, but understand that beginners may not have the equipment, golf clothing or footwear, therefore we welcome beginners to use our practice facilities without having to feel intimidated.  

The Clubhouse

The Dress Code for the Clubhouse is “Smart casual and appropriate for the occasion”
Golf shoes with soft cleats may be worn in the Bar as long as they are clean – please use the air cleaners provided. Smart, casual attire is expected to be worn at all times in the clubhouse and smart jeans are permitted. 
Free Wi-Fi is available if you wish to use your email App, or to browse the Internet