Captain's Welcome from Peter Emery

Hello all,

For those of you who do not know me yet, I am Peter Emery and will be your club captain at Marlborough for the upcoming year. I have been a member here for the last 9 years and will be honoured to serve as your captain over the next year . My wife, Elaine Emery will become lady captain which I am told is the first time husband and wife have been captains in the same year. We look forward to getting to meet you in person over the next few months.  

To mark the start of our captaincy there will be drive in on Sunday April 8th, details of which are on the notice board. I am happy to say there has been an excellent response on the sign up sheet and there are only 2 team slots left, so please join us if you can. 

For those already signed up please get on your prayer mats to bring us some warm and dry weather over the next 2 weeks!

I truly hope that it will be a FUN day of golf which will be followed by prizes, raffles and draws. A small donation to our nominated charity might influence our introductory speeches being mercifully short! 

On the subject of raffles, any contributions will be more than welcome. Elaine and I would be happy to receive prizes in person  or alternatively please leave them with the bar staff together with your name so that we can thank you personally. 

Regards Peter & Elaine 

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