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All Hole Flyovers with pro tips can be seen below.

Hole 1 - Them Oaks

Your round at Marlborough starts with a spacious par 5. Big hitters can go straight up the middle to the ridge, but it's a 300-yard shot. The payoff is the chance to hit the angled green in two . For most, a shot favouring the right of the fairway will open up the dogleg for a well-placed second to leave a short iron to the raised green.

Hole 2 - The Littl' un

A pretty par three but beware of the three bunkers guarding the green! The deep bunker on the left will have you screaming for mercy. Club selection is key with this hole, if you misjudge and hit long you could well be looking at a bogey from the back of the green.

Hole 3 - Whoit' Beams

Another risk-and-reward par 4 hole. A big hit over the corner of the dogleg will leave a simple chip onto the green, but anything too ambitious will end up out of bounds on the left. The prudent player will take an iron or a small wood for position and accept the more difficult second shot. The green has a keen uphill slope from front to back.

Hole 4 - Yer Bist Trouble

This is a deceptive hole it is a longish par four with no bunkers. Watch out for the slope the whole length of the fairway it will have your ball running left so favour the right side of the fairway. The wise shot is to always favour the right-hand side of the fairway. The putting surface shouldn't present too much of a problem.

Hole 5 - Rabley Prospect

A par 3 with a substantial drop from tee to green. The big green will hold a well-struck tee shot. Short is better than long, however. Overshoot the green and the climb back up will leave you looking at a four or a five.

Hole 6 - Dogwood Dogleg

A narrow dogleg par 4. Keep your drive up the left, the slope will take your ball well to the right and if you don't make the corner it may leave you blocked out for a second to the green. Hit the distance and the slope will deliver your ball down to the front of the green ready for a great score.

Hole 7 - The Og

The big hitters can get here in two, but this hole gives everyone a chance. Two decent shots should leave an iron to the multi-cambered green, probably the percentage play in any case. 

Hole 8 - It and 'Ope

Aim your drive to the right half of the green. Don't overdo it! Anything hanging up on the slope to the right leaves a fiendishly difficult chip. 

Hole 9 - Piggeries

This par five can give you problems if you get out of position. A second to the crest of the hill is what you are aiming for, leaving a straightforward iron to the green.

Hole 10 - Girt Long Un

A long par five to an angled green guarded by several bunkers. The best approach shot is from the left of the fairway, taking the front bunkers out of play. 

Hole 11 - Christopher's

A deceptive hole. The long green with an upslope at the front makes the second shot longer than you think! Take careful note of the pin position it can make as much as two clubs' difference.

Hole 12 - Duke's Clump

Usually playing downwind, you can watch your drive soar majestically down the left half of the fairway - perfect! Now you have opened up the green to a high-approach shot. Anything running will go straight through.

Hole 13 - Founders

Now you are back into the wind for this par 4. For most, hitting this green in two is a job well done. You may still face a tricky putt - this green has a ridge at the front left.

Hole 14 - Sullivan's View

Sullivan's View - what a hole!  Great views over the downs and down the valley to Rockley and Hackpen. The green slopes away from you and with out-of-bounds on your right this is a tough shot from the back tees.

Hole 15 - Our Road 'Ole

Your chance to hit your longest-ever drive! Get it going right and a big bounce down the road then it's all downhill to Marlborough High Street! So if you want to finish the hole go left of the fairway bunkers.

Hole 16 - Savernake View

The big hitters will consider going for the green here. But beware! There's a lot of rough ground and trees between you and the hole so it really is a gamble.

Hole 17 - Down an' Out

Favour the left half of the green with your tee shot but mind that bunker. Anything slightly to the right will run down into the low rough ground, leaving at tricky chip onto the multi-layered putting surface.

Hole 18 - Yer'riz

A great finishing hole. Your tee shot and second need to be well placed to avoid trouble. Another long green so take note of the pin position. Well done you've earned yourself a refreshing drink at the clubhouse.

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